How does sea moss improve my overall health? 

Containing 92 minerals out of 102 minerals the human body is composed of. It is known to heal many aspects of the human body. From decreasing mucus, regulating hormones, improves thyroid functions, aids joint health, decrease inflammation and MUCH MORE!

Could you list the ingredients in sea moss? 

Wildcrafted SEAMOSS! 

Our gel is made with spring water, lime and raw sea moss!

Can sea moss assist with weight loss? 

YES! Sea Moss is a natural gelatin. It is thick and fills the stomach once consumed; making it easy to curve ones appetite.

Can sea moss help with my sex drive? 

Sea moss regulates hormones and is a natural libido so yes it can improve your sex life. There have been several studies that show it does help.

How much seamoss should I consume? 

We recommend to start with one teaspoon a day. Many of our customers intake more.

Do you offer wholesale?

At this time we do not.